Supporting the Parish of Lenham

South East 4×4 Response members were delighted to support Lenham Parish Council’s event which gave the Royal Electrical And Mechanical Engineers (REME) Freedom of the Parish, 80 years after the Lenham tragedy when 46 REME personnel lost their lives after a V1 “flying bomb” crashed into the living accommodation of the 6 Guards Tank Brigade Workshop. Twelve of our volunteers used their vehicles to close roads at specific times to stop the traffic so that the parade could move safely to and from the Lenham Square across the very busy A20 for a Remembrance Service in the cemetery. Members also held back traffic from entering the village whilst the event took place. The police were on hand along with marshalls to support as well. We were proud to be part of such a memorable and moving event.

TV footage from Lenham Parish Council via ITVnews