About Us

Formed in late December 2008, we were originally called ‘South East England 4×4 Response’, covering the counties of Kent, Sussex and Surrey. We are a group of unpaid specialists who utilise our own vehicles, equipment and skills to provide assistance to the Emergency Services, County Councils and their community in times of need.

After a re-organisation back in 2011, we renamed ourselves ‘South East 4×4 Response’ (SE4x4R) and we now primarily cover Kent, although we work closely with our colleagues in Sussex and Surrey.

In 2016 South East 4×4 Response became a registered Charity in England (1168367) with the stated aim “To preserve and protect human life and property, in particular but not exclusively by providing equipment, vehicles and other resources to offer support in adverse conditions”

In 2017 South East 4×4 Response were granted policing powers under Section 38 of the new Policing and Crime Act allowing us to direct traffic on Kent’s roads and so free up Kent Police patrols. This will enable our Responders to deal with incidents such as fallen trees, broken down vehicles and vehicles trapped in adverse weather conditions.

Our Responders and Support Members all take pride in their vehicles and have a desire to help our local community. We are always eager to extend our membership, both to new responders and to support members, handling calls and helping with administration within the group.

Our Aims

South East 4×4 Response was set up to assist the emergency services, Kent County Council and other agencies, particularly in time of adverse weather and when resources are stretched. 

The services provided are:

  • Four Wheel Drive Capability – We are ready for all weather conditions (snow, gales, heavy rain and flooding) and any other situations (off-road, marshalling etc) for the Emergency Services, Kent County Council and other agencies who we support (Kent Search and Rescue, HM Coastguard, NHS, South East Coast Ambulance Service to name but a few!).
  • A co-ordinated group of trained, competent unpaid specialists – All our members take pride in their vehicles and have the desire to help our communities in times of need by using their 4×4 vehicles to go where others cannot. They have knowledge of Search and Rescue, First Aid, navigation and communication skills.
  • 4×4 Support for Kent Search and Rescue, Kent Police, Kent County Council, Medway Council and other organisations at organised public events.
  • An active Social Calendar for our members – Whilst the principle aims of the group are serious, we give our members the chance to have fun and test their vehicle capabilities during exercises and training events.

South East 4×4 Response attend and support many events throughout the year, with the aim of promoting the group within our community. Although we have around 100 members (including support members), we are always eager to extend our membership to new volunteers. We hold a monthly meeting and regular training events throughout Kent. 

The group is a member of 4×4 Response UK and is not affiliated to any other club or organisation.

South East 4×4 Response are on call and available 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year. We are run entirely by volunteers as a Charitable Organisation.